Which Mattress Should You Buy From The Mattress Stores Raleigh NC

Buying a mattress has never been an easy job. No matter how much we read about buying the best mattress for ourselves, we often find ourselves in a total fix when the real deal arrives. We confused with the labels as well as the sales propaganda. It is quite possible that we end up with the same mattresses again. However, if you are being careful, then there are less chances than any issues will arise when you really go to the mattress stores Raleigh NC. Remember, buying a mattress is a very subjective thing and everyone will have a different perspective towards the perfect piece. Even you and your partner might feel many issues many issues when it comes to the mattress and its comfort levels. So being careful is the only option you have.

Choosing the right mattress from the mattress stores Raleigh NC

mattress stores Raleigh NCNo one can tell you the kind of mattress that will suit your needs the most. If you really want to check something, then all you can do is lie down on the mattress for at least 10 minutes. You will get to know whether the mattress will suit your needs or not. Often, the comfort level of the mattresses mentioned in their catalogues are totally misleading and may not match with your own level of comfort. Hence, it is better not to believe any numbers. Only your experience with the mattress will be suggesting the best level of comfort.

A lot of people are suffering from back pain and neck pain issues. These people should never buy plush mattresses or mattresses that are too soft. It might appear that these mattresses will be providing relief to the joints. On the contrary, you will be getting more pain because of such mattresses. Try to choose something that is former. It would be your best option in terms of pain relief. The typical innerspring mattresses are a good choice in this case. Avoid memory foam mattresses unless they are providing you ample support.

The people who have issues with the heating up of the mattresses must always go ahead with temperature control mattresses. They mostly have temperature control vents that let air pass from the mattress. As a result of this, you will be finding lesser heat buildup in the mattresses. Some of these mattresses also come with temperature control gel layers which absorb the body heat you release and avoid the heat buildup in the mattresses.

In general, you should be finding a mattress that is more firm than it is plush. This will not only help people who are already suffering from different pains but will also be making sure that such pains do not develop in the future. Check the support provided by the mattress as well. Most of all, you should be making sure that the mattress does not sag easily. Again, we suggest that you lie down on the mattress for a few minutes to check whether it really suits you or not. One of the best mattress stores Raleigh NC to buy mattresses is the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store. Check here: www.abfraleigh.com to get some more mattress buying info and even better products.

How To Find The Best Mattress And Furniture Stores In Northern Virginia

If you are living in Northern Virginia, then you are luckier than many other people in terms of mattress and furniture buying. There are a number of mattress and furniture stores in Northern Virginia that will be providing you with some amazing options and that too at very reasonable prices. However, finding the best mattress and furniture stores in Northern Virginia is going to take a while. There are so many good mattress stores around that finding a great one can definitely be troublesome for you. Hence, it is better that you learn the basics about finding these stores and getting more value for your money with some of the best products available in the market.

Finding the best mattress and furniture stores in Northern Virginia

furniture stores in Northern VirginiaAs we said above, finding good stores can take some time. If you are adopting a methodical approach in finding the best stores for yourself then you will surely be enjoying your time in buying your favorite home essentials at a good cost and that too from a reliable store. First of all, you should be focusing on getting some referrals from your family, friends and even your colleagues. You will find that buying smaller consumer products can involve some amount of risk. However, when it comes to the furniture stores where you will be making big purchases, it would be better that you move ahead and look for trustworthy spaces.

If someone has already purchased from a furniture store, he will likely have an idea about the kind of furniture and mattresses that are being sold there. He can tell you about the quality and the prices as well. This would be a first hand customer experience that you will be receiving about the mattress and furniture stores in Northern Virginia which would certainly help you in getting the best stores. Do not go by the recommendations of just one person. If a number of people in your circle suggest the name of a single store, like the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store, then you should definitely go ahead and buy from them. Visit www.abfwashingtondc.com

Another way of finding a good store is to search online. Whenever you conduct a Google search for these stores, you will get a direct link to their website. Most of the stores display their collections along with their prices on their websites and some of them might even provide you with online buying facilities. Even if it is so, don’t forget to visit some review websites and check out what people are saying about that furniture store. You will definitely be finding something good for yourself.

Don’t forget the fact that you need to visit a number of furniture stores before you finally decide to buy something. It will help you in getting the best deals as well. Pay special attention to the policies of the store. You will be finding a number of stores selling good quality products but only those mattress and furniture stores in Northern Virginia that provide full customer satisfaction must be chosen by you.

Will You Get Mattresses At The Furniture Stores In Nashville TN?

A furniture store is a place where you will get a good bed but if you have to buy a good mattress, you will have to spend some more time and then visit a mattress store. This is certainly a time consuming process and you can never be sure how a mattress looks and fits in your new bed. When you go back home to fit them both together, you get some unpleasant surprises too. At these times, people wonder whether furniture stores in Nashville TN also keep a good collection of mattresses or not. You will be glad to know that they do.

There are a number of good furniture stores like the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store that keep as great a collection in mattresses as they do in furniture. As a result of this, you will be able to find the right size in beds as well as mattresses at the same place. Check here: www.abfnashville.com. There is absolutely no need for you to go somewhere else to buy a mattress and realize that their dimensions do not match with each other.

Why do they keep mattresses at the furniture stores in Nashville TN?

furniture stores in Nashville TNThe simplest reason behind this is the fact that you get more convenience in such a setup. These days, buying a furniture does not have to take a complete day. However, buying a bed with a new mattress can become a huge issue because you have to visit many places before you buy these two items. At the furniture stores in Nashville TN you get to buy them both together which saves a lot of your time. It is wrong to say that only the specialized mattress stores keep good quality mattresses. The furniture stores also buy the mattresses directly from the manufacturers, because of which you can always expect good quality from them.

As a matter of fact, dimensions of the mattress often become an issue for most of us. We are not always sure whether the mattress will fit into the beds or not. Some of us also believe in buying non-standard sized beds for ourselves. However, this also means that we have to buy non-standard sized mattresses which is not always possible. If you are going to the furniture stores in Nashville TN to buy such beds, you can bet that they will definitely have the mattresses belonging to the same size as well. As a result of this, you will not have to crush your dream of getting a round bed or any other uniquely shaped bed.

These furniture stores are able to understand your needs in a better way and this is why they keep a collection of mattresses that will be suiting the beds that you need. You need to ensure that you are going to the right places for buying your mattress. Just lie down on the mattress and check whether it is right for you or not. You will also be able to get some combo offers if you buy both the items together. So don’t wait anymore.

Protecting Beds From Harmful Bed Bugs

Protecting BedsA sound sleep is one of the most essential thing to think and work properly. Lack or improper sleep disables you to concentrate and put in your best in anything you do. People who get a proper long sleep feel energised and healthy at mind during the day thus performing better in everything they do. They don’t find the need to relax or take a break after short intervals as they are full of energy and strength to work. They key to work properly and efficiently is to have a comfortable long sleep at night. People who constantly struggle to have a peaceful and non-disturbing feel unhealthy and lethargic.

Quite a lot of time the reason for disturbance at night is bed bugs who suck in your blood while you are asleep causing skin irritation and itchiness. It is important that you maintain and take proper care of your mattresses to prevent bed bugs taking host in your mattresses. If you value sound sleep then you should value your bed and mattresses as well. As mattresses play a significant role in providing you comfortable and relaxing sleep. If you don’t take timely care of your mattresses they will become rough and hard. Sleeping on old tattered mattress can be a big problem as they are a tempting invitation for bed bugs. Bed bugs often sneak themselves into old tattered mattresses and feast themselves by sucking human blood.

Tips to take proper care of your mattresses

It is important for you to change you mattress every 4-5 years. If they are of very good quality you can delay their replacement further for a year or two but not more than that. With time the springs inside the mattresses get loose and the mattresses become very hard and rough giving you uncomfortable experience. Make sure your mattress has no tears and holes in it. As holes and tears become a habitat for bed bugs. Bed bugs bites people that are using that bed, they also spoil the frame of the bed and mattress.

You should regularly remove dust from your mattress by patting them hard with a stick or exposing them to sunlight, this will remove the dust from the mattress and will avoid breeding of bed bugs. If you find removing dust from your mattresses a difficult job then you can use mattresses cover as it is an easy way out to protect your mattresses from dust. Unclean mattress covers can be easily removed and washed to use them again. Dusty, unclean and warm atmosphere is a suitable ground for bed bugs to breed and grow. Also protect your mattress from water as it spoils it and reduces its life, buying water proof mattress is a good option to avoid the problem.  You should buy a mattress that suits your personal and health needs. If you have a back, neck or spinal problem then you should buy mattresses that provide you the required comfort. 

Protection Against Bed Bugs And Their Bites

Prevent Bed BugsA continuous sound sleep of eight hours minimum is required for a healthy life and efficiency. A person unable to get good night sleep often feels tired, lazy and irritated. To have comfortable sleep it is important to own mattresses that are of good quality providing good back support and relaxing experience during the sleeping hours.  Mattresses play a key role to provide a luxurious sleep therefore one should buy them according to their health and comfort needs. Even after buying good quality mattresses some people fail to enjoy a good night’s sleep this is because bed bugs take secret possession into their mattresses.

Bed bugs feed on human blood leading to red rashes on the skin causing itchiness and irritation. Bed bugs disturbs a person’s sleep leaving him inefficient and unproductive during the morning hours. The itchiness and irritation caused by bug bites wakes up a person in the middle of the night and also makes him unable to sleep again. Improper sleep results in irritated and edgy behaviour. It is important for a person to prevent bed bugs to take host into their mattresses otherwise they will keep posing problems for you. Sometimes they cause unbearable pain and itchiness. Itching the affected area should be avoided as it will cause the skin to tear and also swell at times. Bed bugs is an age old problem giving uncomfortable experience to people. They hide themselves in mattress holes and leak outs, so that they can come out during night hours to feed themselves on human blood.

It is important to maintain a hygienic atmosphere to prevent bed bugs taking possession in your beds. If you have rough beds having holes and tears in them you should immediately replace them with good quality mattresses. If you find yourself bitten with bed bugs which bite in rows then you should first take proper treatment to relief the irritation and should then find a way to stop their growth.

You can also call professionals who can prevent growth of bed bugs. Some people try to treat the problem at their own using some insect killing sprays and chemicals.

If you are planning to do so then remember that they can easily fool you, you may think that there is no trace of bed bugs left in your mattresses but it might just be an illusion as they are very difficult to be seen. They may come out after few days to suck your blood as they can live for a long time without feasting on your blood. Therefore make sure that you have ended the source of bed bugs and stopped their growth completely leaving no trace of their species. Also, you should make sure that you don’t further create a suitable atmosphere for their breeding. You can also opt for mattresses cover to protect yourself from these harmful insects. However, it is always better to replace your mattresses as it will be a permanent solution to the problem.

Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs

How to prevent bed bugs and bed bug bites?

Prevent Bed BugsA good night’s sleep is very essential for healthy mind and soul. It makes you feel pleasant and refreshed. Disturbance or break in the sleeping cycle of a person can make him feel lethargic and unproductive. Bed bugs often become a reason for irritation and disturbance during sleep. They interrupt and disturb you in the middle of the night spoiling your peaceful sleep making you feel uncomfortable in the morning. Bed bugs bite you in the skin and causes itchiness and irritation in the skin. Bed bugs feed on your blood while you are asleep with their well-developed big mouth. Their sharp and long beak penetrates inside the skin and sucks blood from human skin.

They can suck human blood as long as for three minutes. Though they are very quick in this task completing their meal in just a minute. The irritation and itchiness caused by bed bug bites takes a long time to recover. Bed bugs are a big problem, at times they bite you at various parts on your body leaving you really annoyed and irritated. People often wake up between their sound sleep because of itchiness caused by bug bites. Improper night’s sleep makes them unable to work in the morning as they have lack of energy.  If bed bugs bites an infant or a child, he cries in pain and anguish due to itchiness caused by the bite. Itching skin again and again can tear the skin apart causing blood to protrude. Bed bugs bites in rows unlike mosquitoes who bite randomly.  They leave a red mark on your skin

How to protect yourself after a bug bite?

If your bed has holes and tears you are giving bed bugs a very tempting invitation to your mattresses so that they can come and bite you. Bed bugs prefer places where they can hide themselves and such human blood secretly. They are found in water beds, sleeping bags, cardboard piles, egg foam and in any warm place. It is very important that you prevent bed bugs to take possession in your mattresses as they can also cause swelling, loss of skin tissue and formation if blisters on the skin. As soon as you get a bite from a bed bug wash your skin with clean water and soap and apply anti itching creams from the market.

If your problem persists or gets worsened with time see a doctor for a proper treatment. Avoid scratching the area bitten or the area around it. If you feel any kind of pain, irritation and itchiness use an ice pack it will give you a lot of relief. You can also opt for pain killers if the pain is unbearable and continues for a long time. The most important is that you block the source of bed bugs as if they continue to have their habitat inside your mattresses you will never feel relieved and the problem will persist. 

Take Care Of Your Mattress Like A Baby For Long Life

Long LifeFor good health peaceful rest is required and for proper rest a comfortable and well maintained mattress is required. Every one of us takes a proper care to clean other things, such as bed sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers etc. In the same way it is required to take proper care of mattress for a comfortable sleep. Let’s have a discussion on proper care and maintenance of mattresses.

To start with mattress maintenance you can flip it over at least once in every six month’s interval. The main purpose to flip the mattress is that the bottom becomes the top and the head portion will be the foot portion. To avoid absent minded problem, you can mark these changes in a calendar. For extra safety you can buy a mattress pad to cover the surface of your mattress. Mattress is a dust prone area. You cannot ignore it otherwise it will reduce the life of the mattress. As soon as you recognized dust on your mattress, immediately start taking necessary action. Vacuuming is the best option to remove dust from your mattress. Mattress dust can cause serious allergies to you if ignored. To avoid these issues do cleaning very frequently.

Stains are again an obstacle in cleanliness of mattress. Clean the stains immediately do not leave it for many hours. You can use good quality shampoo or dry detergent to clean the stains. Take proper care with liquid because a wet mattress will take too much of time to dry. Thus it will be better if you try to avoid liquid contact with mattress. You can dry your wet mattress outside in contact with sunlight.

Do you have kids at your home? If yes then your responsibility becomes double. It will become a very challenging job for you to prevent the mattress from kids. Of course you have to take care of stains and liquids but besides this you also have to prevent your mattress from jumping on it. Kids love to jump on beds. It can cause severe harms to the mattress. Jumping on bed can cause breakage due to stress on the springs. Give strict instructions to your kids not to jump on bed if you really want to prevent your mattress from breakage.

Mostly it has been observed that when people purchase a brand new mattress, they will maintain it properly at the beginning but slowly the maintenance will downfall. This should happen rather you should take even care day after day, month after month and year after year for long life span. The best option to increase the life of the mattress is use of good quality protector. A good quality waterproof and sustainable mattress will be able to prevent bed bugs and dust.

The proper maintenance of mattress also needed to take care of accurate sitting arrangement on the mattress. Try to avoid sitting on the edges of the mattress because it will damage and weakened the edges. Although it is quite hard to avoid sitting on the edges, people mostly sit on the edges for various reasons e.g. to put on or put off their shoes.

The mattress also needs fresh air to breath. It is tend to absorb moisture, hence it is required to keep your mattress outside once a fortnight. Remove all the covers of your mattress and leave it outside at least for an hour or two. This habit will not only prevent your mattress getting affected to fungus but also prevent it from bed bugs and other insects.

Heating and airing is the best option to prevent your mattress. Although in case of bugs attacks you can use pesticides but regular heating and airing will not let happen bugs attack.

How Can You Prevent Bed Bugs?

A mattress is a basic for peaceful sleeping. Do you have a good quality mattress for your bed? Yes, of course every one of us has it but do you really know how you should take care of your mattress. Buying mattress is of course one time job but its maintenance and service has to be taken care at regular interval of time. Just imagine one day you noticed that something is irritating you while sleeping at night. For this irritation you could not sleep over night and you reached at office very late next morning. As a result of this your boss badly fired at you. This is a big reason to worry because it is hampering your sleep and your work as well.

It might be bed bugs that are pinching you for the whole night. What should be your next step? The very first step of your should be to make sure that are they really bed bugs or not. If you have not seen them before and do not have knowledge about how they look like, you can take help from books or internet to see their pictures. Once you make sure about bed bugs, do not panic. Yes, it is true that eliminating bed bugs completely is little difficult but it’s not impossible.    

Prevent Bed Bugs

Try to find out the severity of the bed bugs effect. If the case is not severe and you think that can be handled by yourself then you can use pesticides or sprays to prevent you mattress from bed bugs.  On the other hand if the bed bugs effect is severe then it is good to take help of the professional. Mostly you will find bed bugs at hiding places that’s why it is tough to locate them. Hence do not make your home untidy because it will provide more hiding spaces for bed bugs to hide. Always keep your bedroom clean. You can use special bed bugs cover for your mattress that will prevent bed bugs from entering into it.

We all know that prevention is better than cure so you should wash your bed sheets, blankets, pillow covers, cushion covers etc. at regularly. You should also spread the mattress, pillows and cushions etc. on direct sunlight to prevent them from bed bugs attack. To follow this process can be difficult in rainy season. In rainy season you can raise indoor temperature because high temperature kills bed bugs. The regular thermostat will not be enough to do this job. For a proper heat treatment special equipment with high temperature is required. The required temperature to kill bed bugs is 45°C because they will dies when their body temperature reaches at 45°C. Hence it is necessary to heat the room accordingly to kill bed bugs no matter where the bugs are hiding.

Bed bugs are perfect hitchhikers. If you throw your mattress affected by bed bugs, it will spread to others bed or mattresses as well. Hence the best prevention is to kill bed bugs instead of throwing it out. Try to minimize the number of bugs at first step even if you are not able to handle it completely. Vacuuming is a good option to reduce bed bugs. You should apply carful vacuuming floors, bed frames, furniture, rugs, cracks and crevices etc. Do not forget to change the bag after every use otherwise bed bugs will escape. Throw the bag in a sealed plastic bag or in an outside dust bin.

When you are hiring a professional, select an expertise who can handle the problem very well. An experienced professional will enhance the chances of getting rid of bed bugs from your mattress. He should have good knowledge about pesticides and pest control management.

Permanent Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Rid Of Bed BugsThe rate of multiplication of bed bugs is very high. As a result of this, they create nearly three or four generations in just one year. They can also keep living in your infested mattresses for one year without feeding. This is exactly where they become extra harmful for you. You should be making sure that you are removing these deadly parasites from your house completely. Here are a few simple ways that may be helping you in fighting these bed bugs. Take a look at what you can achieve.

  • Steam kill them

This is one of the easiest ways to kill the bed bugs. Most often, these bugs are not able to survive at a temperature higher than 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should be treating all the carpets in your home with steam. These carpets are often placed near the bed and they provide an excellent spot for the bed bugs to live in dark. You simply need to get a hand held steam blower for yourself. Steaming the carpet in this way will surely kill all the bed bugs. This is often the first step that you can perform for mechanical removal of the bed bugs from your house. Chemicals like pesticides can be left for later. This is because chemicals can be harmful for you as well. Hence, you should be careful to use pesticides as the final step. If steam can kill these bugs from your beds, mattresses and carpets, use it.

  • Wash them off properly

The second way to get rid of these bed bugs is to locate all the places where they live and hide. Then you can use a mild soap and detergent in order to wash them off and remove them permanently from your home. This procedure will make sure that their living spaces are destroyed completely. It would not kill them but it can destroy their habitat as well as their eggs. The older bugs can be washed off and then collected along with the water to be disposed off adequately.

You cannot guarantee that performing this treatment once will be able to make you get rid of the infestation, but performing this a couple of times would generally be cleaning off a huge chunk of their population which should be enough in most of the cases. Wash everything that they have infested but make sure that no eggs or adults are dispersed here and there. It would only be creating trouble for you as their infestation will continue to haunt you. After this, you can get an encasement for your mattresses and trap all the bugs that are left on the mattress and the box spring. Doing this will make them starve and die. However, don’t remove them for over a year as the bugs can easily survive for a year even after encasement.

If you believe that none of these ideas are working for you, then you should be calling pest control and tell them about the issue. They would be using both mechanical and chemical processes to get rid of the bugs.

Icky Facts About The Bed Bugs

Bed BugsIcky FactsIcky FactsWe all know that bed bugs can become quite a huge issue for most of us. However, we must know some facts about these blood sucking parasites before we opt for any kind of measures to control them. Let us get to know some icky facts about beg bugs so that you can also get to know them better. These facts may appear to be creepy, but they are true.

  • Bed bugs can really live on- some manufacturers selling encasement for bed bugs suggest that isolating these bed bugs will make them starve for food and ultimately cause death. Though this is true, but only partially. You should remember that every bed bug can stay alive for a year without feeding on human blood. Therefore, if you are using an encasement, don’t believe that the bugs will die in a week or so. They will live on for another 12 months before they finally starve and die. Therefore, removing the encasement before this period will certainly not be a great idea. Trapping them and making them starve indefinitely is the only way out. Don’t remove the encasement for next 1 year at any cost.
  • They reproduce at a very high pace- every female bed bug will be laying close to 5 eggs every single day. In fact, they can create three to four generations of bed bugs in just one year. You might not believe this, but your bedding can have millions of these bed bugs ready to suck your blood during the night.
  • They do not carry diseases- you might believe that this fact about the bed bugs is a relief. However, let us tell you that even though these bugs do not carry any kind of deadly diseases, they will be causing enough itching and bites to make you hate your life and be less productive and less active during the day. Let us not forget that you will be sleep deprived like crazy.
  • Bed bugs can survive in the colder climates- you might not believe this but bed bugs can easily survive in colder climates. Though most of their infestations are experienced in the warmer climates, you will be finding that these bugs would not go anywhere during the colder weather as well. As most infestations happen indoors, colder climates are not a huge issue for these bugs.
  • They are good travelers- if you already have bed bugs in your mattresses, you can believe that they have travelled pretty much everywhere with you. This would include your closets, your suitcases, your living room furniture, your suitcases and everything else. Some of these bed bugs may have travelled with you from far off lands while you were travelling.
  • They all cannot be cleaned at once- the pest control will not be able to clean all of them in one go. Yes, the majority of their population will be gone but considering their rate of multiplication, it would not take much time for them to strike back. So the pest control will have to revisit really soon in order to kill the rest as well. Don’t be satisfied with just one visit.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Get Rid Of Bed BugsGetting rid of bed bugs might never be an easy task for most of us. In fact, you will find that the bed bugs often create so much trouble and live in such a huge number in your bed, that it may seem practically impossible to get rid of them. Removing the bed bugs is not going to be an easy task. You will likely have to spend a lot of time and energy as well as some money to get rid of them forever. If you really want them out of your house, then your first step is to make sure that you detect them as early as possible and take adequate steps to get rid of them as well. Regularly vacuuming and cleaning your house can also be a good option for you. In case you find that you will not be able to tack the issue on your own, simply call pest control.

Before the pest control arrives in your house, you should make sure that you clean the bedding and all other places that have been infested. Cleaning with a mild soap and water would be a great idea. However, if you are not sure of this, then it would be better to leave the job on to the experts and let them handle everything on their own. Lousy cleaning of the area might cause more infestation in the house before the pest control can arrive. So leave it on to the experts. Let them know what kind of infestation you are facing, what kind of a house you live in and also the extent of infestation in your house. The pest control team will then be getting the necessary tools in order to get their job done. You should make up your mind about chemical or non-chemical removal of the infestation in your house. Always remember that they both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

While the chemical options can be better when it comes to killing the pests completely, mechanical or non-chemical options are much safer. However, the efficiency of these methods is comparatively lower. On the other hand, chemical methods work well with direct sprays as their dry residual is hardly of any use. Therefore, check your options beforehand. The pest control team might ask your preferences and you will have to suggest the measure that you prefer more. You will also have to remove all the clutter from your house. These are the places where the bed bugs can easily hide and make their small colonies. After the pest infestation has done their work, it is your duty to remove all the clutter from your house. In this way, you will be able to make it better for yourself to avoid any further infestations in the future. All items that you don’t need any more should be discarded as soon as possible. You might even want to discard off the items that have already been infested in order to get rid of the bugs completely. Whatever you choose, make sure that you make informed decisions.

How To Identify If You Have A Bed Bugs

Bed BugsBed bugs are certainly one of the nastiest things to have at home. These beg bugs feed on your blood and give your sleepless nights in return. As a result of this, you will be finding these bed bugs disrupting your daily life and causing troubles for you all the while. Do you know how to identify these bed bugs? On a number of occasions, people confuse the bites of mites and even bat bugs with bed bugs and start to panic. In order to avoid this, follow these simple tips to identify the real ways in which you can find bed bug infections in your room.

  • Examine your bites- the first thing that you can do is examine the bites that you have received. You will generally be finding these bites on the shoulders as well as the arms. However, they can be found at other places as well. You will also see that these bites are itchy and red. Most of the times, there is a straight row of bites instead of bites all over the skin.
  • Check the bedding manually- the best way to find the bed bug infestations in your house is to look for the infestations in the bedding manually. You will generally be able to see some kind of dark red and brown spots on the sheets which are nothing but your own blood. There can also be fecal matters of these bugs, the skin that they shed, and the dead bugs as well the eggs that they have laid. Make sure that you not only check the sheets on the surface but also pull up the entire mattress as well as the box springs. You should also be checking the creases of the mattresses as well their molded edges in order to check out the infestation. It would be easy to identify their colonies as there is a lot of brown or dark colored infestation in there. Basically, any place that has some kind of creases or dark areas could be infested with these bed bugs. So make sure that you check everywhere.
  • Catch them during the time of their hunt- most of the times, the bed bugs can easily come and suck your blood. However, during the night time, they are quite active and they are always coming out in huge numbers to attack their innocent victims. You will be able to catch them as soon as you go down to sleep or an hour before the dawn as well. At this time, you will see a lot of bed bugs on your bed sheet or your mattress. It can seem quite disgusting at first but this is the surest possible way to check if your have any bed bugs. You might even be able to catch any one of them. A huge infestation might not make you wait for very long. However, a minor infestation may make you wait for some time. A huge infestation might also mean that you will see them in different furniture items as well as the electricity boards and other areas.

What Can Become Infested With Bed Bugs?

A lot of us believe that bed bugs live only on the mattresses and beds. Therefore, opting for a bed bug treatment in these areas or completely discarding these two will help us a lot in getting rid of these issues. However, this is not true. It is not just these two items that are infested with bed bugs. Most of the furniture items, cushions, pillows and even upholstery can become a breeding ground for these bed bugs.

 Infested With Bed BugsThis is the reason why discarding off your bedding is not always the right option when it comes to treating the bed infestations. You need to adopt other ways in which you can get rid of these insects. This is the reason why you should be making sure that you are either discarding each of the things that you own or get a good infestation remedy.

Most of the times, you could be using the EPA prescribed pesticides in order to get rid of these bed bugs. The pesticides are faster and more effective and will be killing most of these bed bugs in just a couple of sittings. You will only have to isolate the area where the infestation has taken place in order to get rid of these bed bugs. Another good idea is to use steam to get rid of these bugs. The steam usually kills off most of the adult bugs. If not, you at least get to collect all the water in a can and discard it accordingly. One of the other ways in which you will be able to get rid of these bugs is by using a vacuum cleaner. Using a typical home cleaner will be enough for this purpose as it has enough power to suck off all the dirt, debris, adult bed bugs and even their eggs from these places.

However, there is one thing that you need to take care of when it comes to using a vacuum. There are chances that the vacuum itself will get infested with the bugs. Some people use the brush attachments on the infested areas instead of the crevices attachment. These people often forget that the eggs of the bugs can easily stick to the brush and it may cause troubles for them in the long run. Hence, it is always better to make sure that you find a crevices attachment for the vacuum cleaner.

Whatever measure is being adopted for cleaning the bugs off the bed should once be used in all other furniture of the room as well. In fact, these bed bugs of their eggs can quickly be transferred to the other rooms of the house in your clothes as well. Therefore, before you take any measures, you should be checking for the presence of bed bugs in all the furniture items, cushions, pillows and all other upholstery items in your house. If you find traces of their presence anywhere in these items, then you should always be making sure that everything gets treated at once.